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1. Agustin

A name rooted in Spanish and Latin origins, Agustin, though traditionally for boys, has charming variations suitable for girls too. It translates to ‘the exalted one,’ adding a touch of regality.

  1. Aahil

In Arabic, Aahil means emperor, leader, or great king. Its variations like Ahil and Ahel provide flexibility, making it a powerful choice for your little one.

  1. Aashir

Originally Arabic, Aashir also resonates with Indian and Hebrew origins. This versatile name carries meanings such as wealthy, happy, blessed, and living, embodying positive vibes.

  1. Bhav

A short and sweet Indian name, Bhav, finds its roots in the reverence for Lord Shiva. With multiple meanings, it adds cultural depth to your baby’s identity.

  1. Brantley

If you’re seeking a gender-neutral option, Brantley fits the bill. A fusion of Brainta and Lee, it symbolizes a fiery torch, bringing a spark to your baby’s name.

  1. Bansi

A gender-neutral Sanskrit name, Bansi, is a delightful choice for your little one. Meaning melodious, flute, whistle, it carries a sweet ring to it, embodying musical grace.

  1. Maverick

Perfect for both genders, Maverick is an English-American name with an independent spirit. Dating back to a Texas politician and singer named Samuel Augustus Maverick, it signifies a free and bold personality.

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