Funny ’50 shades’ of a baby when a mother is a ‘makeup expert’ for her baby

Because of her free time, this mother used grapefruit peel to create a “stupid” hair shape, put it on her child’s head, and then took her out to take pictures.

You don’t have to be on Halloween to show off your makeup skills. There are many mothers who love their children endlessly, along with the situation of staying at home to look after their children, so… They came up with the idea of “turning” the children into characters like in comic books.

For example, this mother, because she is too free at home, has devised a costume for her child with grapefruit peel. Accordingly, the mother uses grapefruit peel to create a “stupid” hair shape to put on the baby, then bring the child to take pictures. Seeming to understand the mother’s meaning, the baby also enthusiastically “posed” so that the mother could save the “forever” moment.

This is a little sad.

How lovely is this, mom.

The smile does not see the sun.

Stop being tired, or don’t take any more pictures.

Got glasses? To pretend to be knowledgeable.

Well, that’s all for today, mom.

The innocent expression of the baby made people fall in love. Many people also praise the “homegrown” makeup of the funny mother.

“You are so cute. I wish you to grow up quickly, baby”, one person commented.

“My daughter is so free, I don’t know if she wants to die, I also want to have one,” one person shared.

“Hair style of the year, my son, I also have it at home, let’s go back and make a new one for each of us”, another person also expressed.

Below the article, many muddy parents also shared pictures of their children wearing makeup with “divine” pomelo hair.

It’s a bit grumpy.

The “national” hat.

“Psychic players” wear pomelo hair for fast hair growth.

Say “hi” guys.

Buy a couple more brands for fun.

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